Personal Social Responsibilities

Praveen and his wife Amrita strongly believe in” Personal social responsibilities “ and thus both did the entire renovation of his Gram Devta “ Deeh Baba “ in presence of all the respected villagers, families and relatives .

Develop a rose farm of 2 acr in his native place for the employment of his family Labour members.

As they have realized the difficulties of their early stage life or we can say they have pass on with all the difficulties a common man face during his life journey of personal and professional success, keeping in this mind they always work for the betterment of society at their own level.

Like –

  • Educating the Poor children with required financial support.
  • Helping to generate the employability for needy people in coordination with big corporates.
  • Tree Plantation to keep our environment good.
  • Spreading education and awareness for the better health
  • Development of Farmer and Farming